Post Construction Cleaning services

Post Construction Cleaning services – Give a Final Touch to Your Building

Are you done with the construction or renovation of a house or business space? How will you get over with the scattered debris, dirt, and wood shaving? It can never be a pleasing task for the building owners to handle it on their own. So, hiring Clean Proof is worth considering.


With years of experience, we have developed the most advanced cleaning equipment, bio products and methods to offer meticulous after building cleaning service you expect from an industry in Great Vancouver. We ensure to provide quality post construction cleaning at competitive prices for sites of all kinds, from home renovations to large warehouses and commercial buildings construction, as well as giving you 100% satisfaction you are in safe hands.


Clean Proof provides you with the team that will work hand in hand with the construction workers and make their job more efficient by gradually eliminating what stands in their way. By doing cleaning after construction, our well-trained cleaners will amaze you with how savvy they are in cleaning all the place including the small corners and the hidden debris that are not easily detected and more precisely if you have some kind of new furniture that you have installed during or in the final stage of the construction. We clean it all as completely as possible to give it a final touch.

How We Conduct Post Construction Cleaning services?


Our premium post construction cleaning is designed to make sure a smooth handover by assisting you to deliver your project on time, on a budget, and in a perfect final condition. We practice a swift and safe after construction cleaning process that involves the following tasks:


  • General building clean
  • Removal of all dust, dirt, and debris
  • Floor waxing and tiles scrubbing
  • Windows Cleaning
  • Carpets/upholstery cleaning
  • Dusting and wiping all furniture
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Cleaning
  • Dusting and polishing of walls and other surfaces
  • High-pressure cleaning of entryways, driveways, and all touch points
  • Cleaning of common areas where necessary


Why Choose Clean Proof for Post Construction Cleaning services?


We have built a strong relationship with our valued customers in Great Vancouver, providing the highest level of cleaning after building solutions. Our experienced cleaning crew maintains proper use of bio products and latest equipment in order to ensure environmentally-friendly cleaning process. Below are some reasons that will enhance your choice of getting our after building cleaning services to make your building shine:


  • Complete Post Construction Cleaning Solution
  • Quality Services and Best Prices Guaranteed  
  • Professionally-trained Cleaning staff
  • Bio Products and Industry-Grade Tools
  • Judicial Antecedent Checks for Each Employee
  • Safety Assurance with Insurance Policy
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Friendly Customer Support Team